Women Empowerment

The goal of the unit

The objective of the program is to empower Tanzanian women by designing strategies and activities that increase their skills, capacities, rights, and opportunities. Empowerment aims at enabling women to achieve control over factors of production and distribution of income and benefits. It is concerned with enhancing women's power to control their own lives and become independent and self reliant both individually and collectively . 

The program uses various strategies to reach the targeted communities such as:

  • Advocacy which helps to mobilize the community.
  • Sensitization of the community
  • Dissemination of information
  • Capacity building for women to strengthen their participation in the economic and political processes for overall improvement of their lives and
  • Organization of women in groups to enable women to learn from each other.

 Key activities:

  1. Conduct training projects that help to empower women by giving them skills and knowledge such as food processing skills and handicraft skills.
  2. Support women groups which involve in development activities by giving them equipment and facilities such as sewing machines and photocopy machines.
  3. To educate and mobilize women on the importance of property ownership especially land and their rights as human beings. Training in this area is done in collaboration with stakeholders such as TAWLA, and CWCA.
  4. To collaborate with community based centers in various parts of the country which work to improve opportunities for disadvantaged women and girls.
  5. To sponsor disadvantaged women and girls who seek to pursue vocational training in institutions such as VETA.
  6. Collaborate with other stakeholders in lobbying for reduced bureaucratic barriers to establishing a business, increased women's access to land and improved women's access to finance 


  • Conducted paprika production  training  to  134 men and women  through WAMA model training farm in Pwani region
  • Provided financial support to strengthen women economic groups to 89 SACCOSS and VICOBA in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar.
  • Conducted trainings on Village Savings and Loans  (Ongeza Akiba) to 400 women in Pwani and Dar es Salaam  Regions- WAMA & CARE international partnership project.
  • Identified FINTRAC in supporting  group-based programme whereby WAMA has already formed 17 groups in Dar es Salaam and Pwani regions which will be supported by FINTRAC as model for food processing and vegetable production.- WAMA & FINTRAC  Partnership Project.
  • Conducted Training of Trainers (TOT) in Entrepreneurships Skills to Community Development Officers in Lindi who will be responsible  for training of women groups in rural areas.- WAMA & International Labour Organization (ILO)partnership project .
  • Conducted  HIV/ AIDS  and Human Nutrition Training   to 100 women in Arumeru District in Arusha in Partnership with Association of Women Living with HIV (AWOKONEO).
  • Provide  poultry production training  to 90 women in Pwani region .
  • Supported the establishment of Salma Kikwete SACCOSS in Mkuranga District, Pwani Region
  • Conducted Training of Trainers (TOT) on  food processing to 30 Women – WAMA & USAID partnership
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