Health Promotion

The Goal of the Unit:

The program aimed at promoting access to adolescents and sexual reproductive health services including HIV and AIDS, maternal and newborn health services to women and girl child especially living in the rural so as to promote well being and create conditions for sustainable development of Tanzanians.

The program coordinates the advocacy and media activities related to the First Lady's Campaign against HIV and AIDS in Tanzania . The Campaign, targeting adults is entitled “Treat Every Child as Your Own”, runs concurrently in other African countries where First Ladies are members of the Organization of African First Ladies against HIV/AIDS (OAFLA). Other program activities involves: billboards, print materials and radio spots, the campaign and conduction of special training aimed at building capacity and sensitizing Primary School teachers to take a leading role in the protection of the youth against HIV infection.

Key Activities

Conduct advocacy for increased access and utilization of quality services on Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission of HIV and AIDS (PMTCT), Adolescent Reproductive Health (ASRH) including HIV prevention among youth.

Advocate for access to reproductive health cancer services especially cervical and breast cancer.   

Promote maternal and infant health through advocacy and provision of equipment, supplies.

 Conduct campaign against trans-generation sex, early pregnancies, and HIV and AIDS.

 Build capacity of media groups on communicating PMTCT, RCH and stigma and discrimination.

Facilitate partnership-building for and between key players and government


On- going Projects and Partnerships:

Prevention and Control of Cervical and Breast Cancer in Tanzania; By Advocating to High Level Official To increase funding to these services- Support From Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon Initiative

National Campaign Towards Elimination Of Mother To Child Transmission (EMTCT) Of HIV/AIDS In Tanzania And Launching Of Option B+;Support From  Organizational Of African First Ladies Against Aids (OAFLA) & UNAIDS.

 Enhancing Capacity of Nurses and Midwives In Tanzania; Monmouth University Partnership

Advocacy on the Pastoralist Leaders Communities To Control Traditions And Practices That Deprive Women And Girls’ Rights.

 National   Programme on Donation of Hospital Equipment: Support From Project C.U.R.E And Other Stakeholders In Health

 Construction of Maternal Hospital in Mkuranga District- Coast Region In Tanzania

 Prevention of Adolescent Early Pregnancy In Secondary Schools In Southern Regions Of Tanzania: Engenderhealth And USAID Support

 Advocacy And Sensitization For Increased Uptake Of Reproductive And  Child Health (RCH) And Prevention Of Mother To Child Transmission Of HIV/AIDS (PMTCT) Services In Four Regions In Tanzania  Funded By International Center For Aids Programme (ICAP)  And  Elizabeth Glasier Pediatric Foundation  ( EGPAF) 



Conduct sensitization meeting to the parliamentarians; social services   and HIV and AIDS   committees aiming to raise awareness on burden of cervical cancer funded by Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon (PRRR) through Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation

  • Coordinated and participated in the launching of the Cervical and Breast Cancer Mass Screening of Mwanza Region in collaboration with Medical Women Association of Tanzania (MEWATA)  ; supported by  Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon Initiative through Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation.
  • As a Patron of  Medical  Women Association of Tanzania (MEWATA) supports the association fundraising activities that includes donation of  Tsh. 200 Million to facilitate acquisition of plot for the construction of MEWATA Well-Women Clinic in Dar es Salaam.
  • Facilitated the involvement key stakeholders in National Dialogue on Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS (EMTCT):  Organizational of African First Ladies Against Aids (OAFLA) & UNAIDS.
  • Involved in the launching of option B+ Action Plan  in Dar es Salaam Region, Tanzania
  • Implemented Treat Every Child as your own Campaign that aimed at preventing HIV/AIDS infection among children and young people through the support of TACAIDS and UN Joint Team.
  • Donated  maternal health service delivery equipment and materials to 86 rural and urban health facilities throughout Tanzania

 Conducted advocacy meetings, media campaigns, workshops and trainings on Maternal and Child Health and Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) in Tabora, Pwani, Kagera, Kigoma  and Mtwara regions- ICAP , TMARC, EGPAF and USAID Programme


  • Recruited and trained 120 health promoters in Tabora, Kagera, Pwani and Kigoma Regions, sustainable strategies to mobilize communities to increase utilization of   PMTCT services.


  • Conducted Adolescent Sexual Reproductive  Health  and Life Skills Training Programmes  to Secondary Schools teachers and students in 20 schools in southern parts of Tanzania; Engenderhealth and USAID support.








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